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Project Info

Many people around the country were not well-informed while voting in the the past controversial Presidential Election. UniVision thought of the great idea of creating a series of video capsules in order to help the Hispanic audience understand the importance of the state of Iowa in the election. Since this is a very dense topic, the design had to be fun for everyone, informative and easy to watch.

Project Focus

Design. Animation.

Title 18pt - Bold

12pt - Regular Text a branding and digital design agency building products, services, and ecommerce experiences that turn cultural values into company value.

The importance of Motion

Mapping it out

Letting the importance stand out among the crowd. The true value of graphics in their most real state.

Hop in

Mixing elements is a good way to make the design more enticing and dynamic the entire sequence.

Text me please

Images are important, but words are vital. By displaying the message in a way that is easy to read, no viewer can be left behind.