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The Department


The Department

Project Info

A groundbreaking immersive agency and mixed reality studio with scale, tech, and human credes. The Department approached RAXO in search of a complete website revamp that adhered to the style and grandeur of work that they do. We created a dynamic website that truly goes all out!

Project Focus

Web Development

Web Design

Logo Animation

Motion Graphics

Logo Animation

Taking the brand’s logo, animating it and placing it front and center upon landing. Leaving a mark as you walk in the door!

Animated Intro Video

A dynamic company Intro video exhibiting all the spectacular work they do with an animated logo overlay. Design with Movement.

It’s in the details

Displaying each of the client’s project details was one important aspect of this site. Incorporating a sleek media layout with a good balance of text.

Call Me Sometime

Getting in contact was never easier, or more eye-pleasing.

A groundbreaking immersive agency and mixed reality studio with scale, tech and human creds.

Tell us more

Interlacing images with essential text is all that is good.

It’s who you know

Displaying good work is as essential as for whom it was done. Animated effects never hurt either.

The talent is in the team

Flex your chops with a dynamic team page that leaves the viewer wanting to know more.

Top-notch Dev

A beautiful site is only as good as its function. Ours never fails.

Technical Difficulties

A little redirect never hurt anybody.