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SteelBridges Labs



Project Info

SteelBridge Laboratories is an early-stage technology incubator, partnered with exceptional founders and management teams to create great companies. So when we saw the opportunity to work with such a great team, we were more than thrilled! We brought together a perfect brand for them and helped bring their new company to life.

Project Focus


Web Design

Brand Mark

We took a few different routes to bridge the gap for the incubator

Final Mark

Blue and orange were used for the final mark, with a bridge closing the gap

The Bridge

Builds the relationship between the incubator and companies

SteelBridge Laboratories is an early-stage technology incubator

Site Design

We created a simple website that is informative and allows the user to learn all about the incubator that SteelBridge Labs developed.


Simple, clean lines kept the brand look consistent

Gaps to Fill

This model is what is the core of Steelbridge Labs

Cultivating Growth

Connecting investors with companies


Their multiple partners displayed on the site