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Project Info

SERMO was developed to provide medical professionals a space to safely share cases, support each other, and improve their practices. Think social media for doctors. RAXO was asked to lead a rebranding initiative during the company’s merger with WorldOne, one of the primary research organizations for doctors worldwide. In taking on this challenge, RAXO successfully implemented a rebranding that preserved WorldOne’s elite brand profile while elegantly folding it into SERMO’s social network messaging.

Project Focus

Web Development

A new unity.

While merging two brands, is important develop a new branding strategy that combines and represents this newborn entity and the values they stand for.

Talk real world medicine.

We created a complete new brand identity for SERMO, which covered everything from business cards to their Brand Story & Visual Guidelines manual.

Turning over a new leaf

Sleek new website.

Modern, clean design with friendly UX.

Clear iconography.

Each section on SERMO’s new website presents brand new imagery designed by our team.

A go-to place for health inquiries.

Share your story in SERMO’s online community and learn more about their values.