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Project Info

The Rockefeller Foundation brings a broad range of talents and backgrounds drawn from scholarly, scientific, private, and nonprofit disciplines. They came to us to get help visualizing and explaining a narrative for the need of mini-grids in Africa.

Project Focus

Deck Design

Design with purpose.

With expansive research and key data visualizations, we were able to bring their initiative to life and gain funding for the extensive project.

The road to change.

We helped The Rockefeller Foundation to layout their strategy and goals in a clear way.

Making change happen.

The Rockefeller Foundation is committed to improve the quality of life in Africa.

The benefits.

They needed graphics to explain in an easy way how their plan using mini-grid technologies would be successful in the region.

How they’re going to do it.

A top-of-the-line execution model was also requested and elaborated for this campaign.

How Mini Grids work.

This type of procedure needed to be explained in a very visual way, using top technology from our part to do so.