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Project Info

Oracle is an American multinational computer technology corporation. Our work for them revolves around a variety of marketing techniques and channels, including direct marketing, campaign development, and management of new software solutions, as well as web development, online and print materials.

Project Focus

Design. Web Design.

For starters

The work we’ve done for Oracle also includes a ground-up lead generation platform built for Oracle’s channel marketing initiatives.

All in one place

We created a website for Oracle that allows users to seamlessly schedule an appointment with Oracle regarding their Cloud Hero campaign.

Time waits for no one

An easy and intuitive way to set appointments ensured higher conversion rates.

Tell us more!

Oracle’s wide-ranging breadth of software solutions for an array of industries means the company is always looking for innovative ways to reach new or existing customers.  

The hero in you

For an effective B2B campaign, you must appeal to the masses, but not just because. Strategy and research were always present in this process

Bring it all together

Placing the designed materials in a container that will deliver the essence of the campaign was just one aspect. Design, printing, and preparation all done at Raxo.

A comic call

Fun marketing collateral was the cherry on top of this project. With custom content, the consumer feels more engaged.