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Layer N



Project Info

OMEGA, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial sensing and monitoring products, approached us to help brand and launch their new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem. And you know we love challenges. We developed a sophisticated brand, an animated and experiential microsite, and set the stage for their entire IIoT product roll out. The works!

Project Focus

Web Design. Design.

Mark Exploration

We went through a couple of exploration phases to come up with the perfect brand mark that really spoke to Layer N.

The Chosen One

With the correct font, mark, and color palette, we were able to bring Layer N to life. Giving it a distinct, modern look that speaks to the IIoT space.

The N

For the “N” we played homage to the IIoT space with a link which links different devices and ecosystems together.

Layer N a new way to monitor and control your application remotely.

Coming home

A solid landing page that introduces the product neatly and dynamically.
Illustration from Layer N project

Making the Connection

Iconography that was later animated to illustrate the function of this novel product.

Details matter

Indicating the most important facts of the product in an easy to read way is key to conversion.

Stay in touch

Letting customers reach out and receive communications is a great way to build rapport with your audience.

Tell me more

Simple and concise descriptions are easy ways to increase engagement.

A product highlight

Learning more and loving the way it looks too. Just the remedy for a novel product.