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Julie and the Phantoms:
A Netflix Original



Project Info

Netflix is a global streaming platform that has been changing the way we consume online content since 1997. For this project, we created a series of four lyrics videos for a new original Netflix show called ‘Julie & The Phantoms’. The show combines music, drama and comedy in a fun, exciting, fresh way. We wanted to portray exactly that same vibe in our work.

Project Focus

Lyric Video Animation

In Perfect Harmony

Our team took a deep dive into the universe of ‘Julie & The Phantoms’ in order to accurately portray the feeling of each song with its lyric video. While the videos needed to feel “of the same family,” each needed to have a unique identity.

‘‘Julie & The Phantoms’ is a fun musical adventure that follows Julie Molina as she regains her passion for music and leads her own band… of ghosts.

Wake Up

Bold typography that is clear and compelling takes center stage, matching the energy and motivating spirit of the track. Utilizing the sketched iconography, we added supporting elements which contribute fluidity and add a nice touch of detail, telling the story of the song with our imagery and graphic elements.

Flying Solo

A powerful design to accompany and compliment the power and emotion of the song. Using photography that conveys the bond between the characters amongst the dynamic written style of the typography is key.
We incorporated graphic elements to emphasize the key words of each lyric section to communicate the singer’s passion in what is a very strong song.

I Got The Music

The neon light, electrifying look of this treatment brings out the up-beat, drumroll feel of this song. Moving from frame to frame, the colors and fonts change, alluding to the excitement and movement of a high school pep rally. Our fresh design syncs perfectly with the energy level of the song.

Perfect Harmony

The beautiful duo used in this song is highlighted in this treatment with a mix of the doodle aesthetic as well as the bright neon lights that tie in the Julie look. The words move together through each frame creating the “perfect harmony” while emphasizing the strong tone of the song.