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GRiZ “I’m Good”



Project Info

The Family Biz came to RAXO with the task of creating a full lyric video to GRiZ’s new single – “I’m Good”. We played with the upbeat, positive melody of the song and created visuals that really bring the song to life. Using bright colors and bold imagery, the song visuals against the imagery work together in harmony.

Project Focus


Motion Graphics


Harmonic Graphics

GRiZ has a theme of using many instruments in his music, including the bold Sax. We felt it was only right to include this in the animation’s look.

Making an impact in a way you simply cannot forget.

Mirrored Look

We wanted to emphasize the imagery so we created this mirrored look of the graphics with the lyrics in the middle to bring it all together.

Magazine Type

With such a fun, playful song, we used black & white magazine type to pay homage to this old school inspired jam.