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FirstKey Homes


FirstKey Homes

Project Info

FirstKey Homes aims to renters all over America have a concise and user friendly way to find and rent homes. With thousands of pleased renters, FirstKey Homes prides itself on being a one-stop solution for anyone to find the home of their dreams. Raxo had the opportunity to design a dynamic website and also employ high-grade analytics and security to keep users’ data safe.

Project Focus


Web Development



Landing the Landing Page

With this being the first thing a user sees, it is important to make the message and experience complimentary. Respecting the brand guidelines we were able to create a simple yet dynamic landing page.

Exploring the Options

With a gallery that displays the featured properties, we were able to convey the brand’s effectiveness in helping renters find their new home.

The Nitty-Gritty

No property is the same, that is why having a solid template to deploy for each property that elegantly displays the highlights and features of each property is essential.

FirstKey Homes is a rapidly growing nationwide property rental company.


Mobile Matters

A good website is only as good as its mobile counterpart. With the majority of queries conducted on mobile first, the experience must translate seamlessly.

Playing Favorites

When a prospective renter is narrowing down their selection, having a central place to store their favorites is the key to converting leads.

Formulating the Future

Prospective renters being matched with homes that best fit their profile is an easy and interactive way to make sure that conversions are made and renters can have the keys to their new home.