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Project Info

Coloredge is a unique media company that provides some of the biggest brands and retailers with the ultimate in visual marketing solutions. Coloredge has entrusted RAXO over the years with assistance in everything from web design to further branding and marketing.

Project Focus



Web Design


A Deeper Dive

A look into our work over the years for a national leader in visual marketing solutions.

Marketing Collateral

To advance the vision and presence of the brand, high quality and innovative collateral is key.

New Brand, New World

Giving a refresh to the brand, we allowed Coloredge to come into the future and further connect with the leading brands they work with everyday.

Digital Presence, Reimagined

New Website

Web presence is everything. By reinventing the virtual look and layout of their website, ease of use and dynamic imagery was paramount.

Project Highlights

Coloredge works with some of the best brands in the world, both big and small. By exhibiting them in a dynamic way, everyone gets their moment in the sun.

UX/UI Development

A good design is only as good as its function once on the web. Making sure that the site flowed and was ready for the big leagues was just one part of our process.

Printed Collateral

Digital is in our blood, but Print is the client’s backbone. Molding the two was one way we could adequately bring Coloredge a new and more dynamic presence.

Getting Creative

Establishing separate landing pages for different sectors of the client’s business was one way to flex our design muscles. Here we created a special Creative Services section for their website.

Four Words, Endless Possibilities

Keeping in mind the pillars of their business and the new ventures they embark on, we can approach the brand in a 360º manner.

Dynamic Imagery

Pictures are endlessly valuable, and exhibiting the Client’s work in such a captivating way was one brick in the road.

Clarity and Contrast

Showing both sides of the coin is one way to really sell your message. With Coloredge, we did just that.


We may be partial to digital trends, but a freshly printed Lookbook is always in style. From the layout, to the pre-press and the final delivery, we were there every step of the way.

Star of The Show

Images are king in this business. By displaying them in such a way that captures the viewer and makes them hungry for more, the Client’s presence was instantly elevated.

Accompanying Copy

While images are everything, small and effective descriptions always take the cake. Don’t let the reader discern for themselves when you can say it directly to them!