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Coastal Roots Farm


Coastal Roots Farm

Project Info

Coastal Roots Farm is a community farm near San Diego, they’re guided by the Jewish values of sharing, history and respecting the earth. We collaborated with them developing a series of three different sets of signs for their various eco-friendly activities.

Project Focus

Signage Design

Infographic Design

Farming with care

Coastal Roots Farm’s mission is not only to provide their community with fresh natural ingredients, but also to teach them a more caring, respectful approach to farming.

Multiple Languages

All of the content developed for this  project was translated in English,  Spanish and Hebrew, keeping their Jewish Heritage alive.

Their History

A balance between regenerative agriculture, equitable food access, environmental education and jewish life as main pillars is what makes this project so special.


Coastal Roots Farm, following traditional jewish law, offers up to US$30 of produce  at no-cost through their private check-out system to those in need.

They proudly offer a Pay-What-You-Can scheme so everyone in their community can have access to fresh veggies.

Sharing Useful Facts

Through a series of infographics, Coastal Roots Farm looks forwards to let the public know the importance of farming and community kindness.

Sustainability At Its Best

From sharing true food costs, the benefits of shopping local products and proper waste management, Coastal Roost Farm a variety of useful information (in a diversity of formats developed by us) for you to join their cause.