Investing for retirement should provide a sense of relief, not another headache. Our calming design features lush images of mountains and trees, that fade nicely into smooth, one-tone backdrops topped with an always-welcoming sans-serif typeface. And, as you can see, our soothing white/blue/green color palette is easy on the eyes and conveys all of the ease, comfort, and security that a retirement investment company would ever want and need.


Just like iraLogix has made retirement investment easier for their customers, mobile has made everyone’s lives easier as well. So it was essential to merge these two ideas by optimizing the site for mobile. Now, it’s as if iraLogix is right there by your side, whenever you need them!


At times, going about investing in one’s future can be a complex and daunting subject. That’s where icons come in! We designed a series of playful and informative icons that not only simplify the process, but make it fun and engaging as well.

ipad view