Client: Hans House Productions


Remember that incredibly adorable (and incredibly viral!) video featuring the two kids who crash their father’s big interview on the BBC? We were so thrilled that Hans House Productions approached us about turning it into children’s animated series! The result? The Adventures of Mina & Jack, a delightful series about a precocious young girl named Mina, and her pesky baby brother Jack, as they help their Dad, a high powered UN official, out of various global jams!


If the initial video wasn’t viral enough, Mina’s real-life inspiration (Marion Kelly) went doubly viral in interviews that followed due to her bold sense of style and nonchalant demeanor. From our earliest sketches to our final concepts, we tried to capture the inimitable essence of Marion Kelly, and the rest of her family. This included Marion’s signature trench-coat (perfect, as Mina prides herself as a crime-solving detective), as well as her glasses and lollipop—all developed in a pleasant color scheme—yellow, pinkish-red—that convey Mina’s warmth and generosity.


While initially developed as a one-off mini-episode, Mina & Jack was received with overwhelming enthusiasm; it racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and received glowing coverage from the NY Times, Huffington Post, BBC, and more! The success prompted one question from fans: when was the next one? We got right to work developing more episodes, taking Mina & Jack on new adventures to London, South Korea, and beyond!


In a rock & roll band, the bass guitar is usually the least noticeable musical element, and yet often the most important. It’s the thing that holds everything together. The same goes for backgrounds in animation. Backgrounds are key to immersing a viewer in a setting and the world of the story. A viewer will always focus on characters first, but without a dynamic background the characters and the story’s action can come off flat and one dimensional. These colorful and detailed backgrounds are filled with everything needed to bring this story to life. As the Kelly’s travel all over, we took inspiration in the endless diversity of the world itself.