Le Cordon Bleu has institutes all over the world—thirty-six to be exact!—so, when trying to settle on a brand image, we found inspiration in their worldly presence. We invited the school’s followers to imagine themselves in all these wonderful and different locations from around the world, using a classy, unified design—rich blues, and golds—we focused on imagery that was unique to each city where their school’s are located, whether it be Tokyo, London, Lebanon, or beyond!


Earlier this year it was announced that the quirky, and truly one-of-a-kind, food journal, Lucky Peach would sadly be closing up shop as of May 2017, after six years of taking its readers on a journey of food and travel, all with their signature mischievous edge. While we’re sad to see them go, we were fortunate to help design a series of ads for Le Cordon Bleu, to be included in its final issues. Our clean, minimalistic design—using the school’s iconic blue, white, and gold—kept things simple: stylish, and sophisticated.